Shaw Health & Nutrition


Helping other’s heal and feel better lights me up!

Health is my #1 Value, without it, your quality of life just isn’t the same, health is true wealth.

I love a good cup of strongly brewed Yorkshire tea with a bit of sugar and a dash of milk. Even better if it’s shared with family or a catch up with a friend.

I love spending quality time with quality people, Connection is my #2 Value.

If croissants could be a Value, they’d be up there too but they aren’t. I love a fresh, flaky, buttery croissant with all the layers.

My Story

My interest in health and nutrition began in my early 20s. I was struggling with recurrent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), recurrent candida/thrush, constipation, catching every cold, intense sugar cravings, poor sleep, low energy and heavy painful periods. I had been to doctors, specialists and had tried what felt like EVERYTHING to find a solution and not just more medications to ‘band aid’ the symptoms.

I was sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. A friend suggested that I go and see her Homeopath. At the time I didn’t know what a Homeopath was exactly and to tell you the truth I wasn’t so keen on the idea but I was desperate to try anything.

After 13 weeks of following the treatment protocol, my health was better than it had ever been. I was honestly a different person, a happier person. It was life-changing!

The solution? A holistic treatment approach which identified and addressed the root cause.

The treatment protocol required that I make changes to my diet and lifestyle and included individualised homeopathic remedies, herbs and supplements. It brought my body back into balance.

The one thing I struggled with the most but what I’ve found has had the biggest impact on my health was changing the food I ate. 

Back then:

  • I was a picky eater
  • I hated salad and fish (the only salad I’d eat was potato or pasta salad)
  • I had a BIG, insatiable sweet tooth
  • I didn’t “have time” to cook



  • I’m more open to trying new foods and I’ve found things I love
  • I’ve found ways to make salads and fish delicious and tasty to eat to the point where I genuinely enjoy them
  • I still have a sweet tooth but I don’t get cravings like I used to and it is easily satisfied with less sugary things
  • I’ve learnt time-saving tips & tricks to make healthy eating easier

I had always enjoyed spending time creating in the kitchen and watching Master Chef type shows, however, I did more baking than cooking. After embarking on my health journey I started spending time in the kitchen trying to create healthy, tasty meals. I fell in love with trying to make new dishes that were healthy but also tasty, satisfying and easy.

After experiencing the power of a wholefood diet first-hand, I truly believe that food is medicine. The right diet and lifestyle changes can make you a happier, healthier version of yourself. The end result/reward is a better quality of life overall.

My own health journey is what set me on the path to becoming an accredited clinical nutritionist.